Healthcare sector on verge of mDiagnostics revolution

Author: Novarum DX

Neil Polwart

Dr Neil Polwart

The healthcare sector is on the verge of a new era in mobile diagnostics, according to Novarum® founder and BBI Group Head of Mobile Dr Neil Polwart, who was speaking at the annual Diagnostic Marketers Association Global Marketing Summit (DxMA) in New Orleans.

The annual DxMA summit brings together leading experts from across the clinical laboratory industry to discuss technological innovations, sector trends and changes in regulation, reimbursement and marketing.

UK-based Novarum is part of leading diagnostics and healthcare business BBI Group. A specialist in mobile reader solutions, Novarum’s innovative handheld test reader app facilitates the reading and sharing of low cost disposable test results with multiple applications across environment, veterinary and human diagnostics. 

Speaking at DxMA, Dr Polwart said the convergence of mobile technology and Point of Care Testing (POCT) had the potential to unlock a mobile diagnostics revolution. Dr Polwart highlighted that the industry had reached a critical point where the accessibility, intuitive user-interface and the inherent connectivity offered by smartphones can overcome the limiting factors of many point of care tests – creating new and exciting possibilities within the healthcare sector.

Dr Polwart commented: “It was great to have the opportunity to speak at this key industry event. POCT have long been heralded as a major revolution in healthcare that will transform the patient experience, accelerate diagnostic decision making and present new market opportunities for diagnostic companies.

In reality, many POCT never progress beyond laboratory use because the challenges in using, interpreting and reporting the data devalue the benefits that the test may bring.

Such issues are particularly apparent with patient self-testing.“However, in contrast to the challenges associated with adoption of POCT, mobile technology has made unparalleled strides forward in the last ten years, with over three billion smartphones now in circulation, increasingly as the primary method of connectivity – this convergence means we’re now operating at the vanguard of a new mobile diagnostics revolution.”

Novarum’s smartphone readers enable tests to be carried out remotely, in the field and in challenging environments, with instant access to accurate test results – using nothing more than a smartphone.

The app has already been adopted by some of the diagnostic industry’s biggest brands and Novarum continues to work directly with Pharma partners, including smaller and more nimble specialists focussed on developing new approaches to target and treat infectious disease, toxicology and auto-immune disease.

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