Rapid lentivirus smartphone test

Lentiviral vectors have proven to be powerful tools for stable gene transfer to both dividing and non-dividing cells in vitro and in vivo. Until now, tests for measuring lentivirus titer were complicated and convoluted—it could take several hours to days, depending on the method used, to deliver only a single quantitative result.

Takara Bio USA, Inc. (TBUSA; formerly Clontech Laboratories, Inc.) teamed up with smartphone diagnostics specialists, Novarum™ DX, to develop an integrated, mobile platform which detects and quantifies recombinant lentivirus in packaging cell supernatants.

Lenti-X GoStix Plus app

The Lenti-X GoStix Plus app provides intuitive step-by-step instructions, including alarm and timer features, to ensure tests are performed correctly. Up to four tests can be run simultaneously, using a single ten-minute timer, and the results are scanned sequentially. QR codes, labelled on the GoStix foil pouches, can also be scanned to identify lot numbers for facilitating batch calibration and quantification.