Rapid Legionella test

Novarum DX™ has created a bespoke app and mobile testing solution for the world’s first on-site test for Legionella.

This unique mobile test – delivered for Hydrosense – is now available on the App Store, creating a user-friendly, independent, rapid test for one of the world’s most insidious health challenges.


Novarum has created a unique mobile solution that supports and enhances the Hydrosense Legionnaire’s test.

The company created a low-cost hand-held mobile-enabled test reader that is highly functional and can be used anywhere. Novarum then wrapped a sophisticated mobile platform around the test reader to create an effective mobile eco-system.

The Novarum solution built seamlessly on Hydrosense’s existing test technology to create an intuitive, accurate, rapid platform. This enabled Hydrosense to easily and effectively market the product to a global market via the App Store.




Dr Neil Polwart, founder of Novarum, said: “Creating this bespoke platform to support Hydrosense’s ground-breaking Legionella test was an exciting opportunity. We’re delighted to have delivered this effective, holistic solution.

“Novarum creates innovative, tailored solutions to support each individual clients’ need; every app we create is unique – delivering effective, intuitive mobile eco-systems that enable complex tests to be easily and accurately read and results shared from any location.”

The Hydrosense app and mobile infrastructure includes a number of key features:

• It provides independent, objective, repeatable and accurate reading of the test result

• It is capable of reading semi-quantitative tests

• Borderline results are assessed according to expert criteria

• It provides traceability of results for audit purposes

• It has the ability to provide information to decision makers in real-time

• Offers simple, fast connectivity to a secure portal for tracking and monitoring of results and associated data

• Integrates with Hydrosense’s current payment and accounting platforms, and their CRM and business systems

• 2D barcode present on the test is instantly and accurately read