World IBD Day – Mobile Making an Impact

Author: Neil Polwart


World IBDI’m turning the blog Purple today to mark World IBD Day.

Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis are conditions collectively known at Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Both result in symptoms that untreated can have a real impact on the patient’s quality of life. Medical and surgical treatments can make a significant impact on the condition but balancing the side effects, risks, costs, and potential complications of those treatments with the advantages is a challenge faced both by clinicians and those funding treatment – whether the public purse or private insurers.

Monitoring biomarkers, such as Calprotectin, which are indicators of bowel inflammation offers insight into the disease progression and management. However until recently, this has involved inconvenient, clinic visits and delays whilst laboratory results were obtained. Novarum’s mobile technology is assisting diagnostic test providers to get closer to the patient and provide quantitative tests the patient can perform at home which are instantly measured and shared through their smartphone direct to their supervising medical team.

Novarum DX™ had helped spawn a new generation of diagnostic products that is both helping patients and disrupting the traditional treatment paradigms. We are excited to be redefining mobile healthcare and assisting patients to manage their own conditions.

We hope you enjoyed my blog. If you’d like to discuss how Novarum mobile reader technology is used to diagnose infectious disease in the field, do not hesitate to contact me

Dr Neil Polwart, Novarum DX™ Founder, and BBI Group™, Head of Mobile:
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