End of Windows® Mobile for mHealth?

Author: Novarum DX

Does this simplify the choice for mHealth providers?


The person responsible for Windows 10™ at Microsoft® yesterday Tweeted that they would no longer be developing new features or hardware for mobile applications in a message that was interpreted to signal the end of Windows on smartphones. This follows the demise of the Blackberry® OS about two years ago and leaves only two operating systems in the mobile space with significant customer traction globally.


Not necessarily, few were providing widespread support for Windows Mobile products anyway and some more niche operating systems are emerging, including Tizen™, a Linux® based mobile OS which is heavily supported by Samsung® – running on all its watch products and some of its lower end / lower cost devices targeted at the developing markets. Interestingly Samsung are the dominant player in Android® handsets worldwide and it is often suggested an intent to switch to Tizen for all their devices.


Anyone developing a new mobile OS today faces a huge battle to gain sufficient market traction to attract both users and developers without which they will almost inevitably follow the Microsoft experience. Interestingly, if anyone is going to be in a position to do that Samsung, the number one smartphone provider worldwide, is likely to be the only people with sufficient gravitas to pull it off. Given further moves by Alphabet the owners of Android Developer, Google, to move into hardware this year with the acquisition of a large part of HTC’s business Samsung may be keener than ever to distance themselves from Android.


As always with mobile, change is just around the corner and as hardware seems to be reaching a plateaux in terms of new features and costs that make constant replacement less likely, the major players must be asking how to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded space.


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